Twelve Days of Christmas Day 5: New Dell Laptop

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To celebrate Christmas this year I have decided to do a post on each of the twelve days of Christmas (25th Dec-5th Jan) to celebrate all of the gifts (both physical and metaphorical) that I have recieved this year and take stock of what I have achieved during 2011.

On the fifth day of Christmas 2011 gave to me…a shiny new laptop.

I’d had my old laptop since uni and used to lug it to and from Leeds with me on the train. Eventually it developed a crack on the front of the case and some of the keys had worn away from overuse. You had to press the ‘a’ key down hard to make it work, which was extremely frustrating and resulted in A LOT of typos. One day I took the laptop to work and slammed the lid a bit too hard and it snapped off. The screen and keyboard were completely seperated, only connected by a couple of wires, but miraculously it still worked. I taped it back together with masking tape and struggled on with it for months, but I really, really wanted a new one.

Then one day earlier this year my other half was in a spontaneous mood and while we were in P.C World he asked me to go ahead and choose a new laptop for myself. I was shocked as I knew he couldn’t really afford it but I decided to take advantage of the offer anyway! He said it would be my birthday and Christmas present, so I didn’t feel so bad. I chose myself a Dell Inspiron 15R. I have no idea what the stats are for it, but the main thing is that it’s SHINY AND BLUE. I had to have it. It has an inbuilt webcam andsome other cool stuff and works much faster than my old laptop. I love it and can’t imagine how I survived without it. Thank you Matt!



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