Twelve Days of Christmas Day 4: My Cat’s Miraculous Recovery

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To celebrate Christmas this year I have decided to do a post on each of the twelve days of Christmas (25th Dec-5th Jan) to celebrate all of the gifts (both physical and metaphorical) that I have recieved this year and take stock of what I have achieved during 2011.

On the fourth day of Christmas 2011 gave to me…my cat’s miraculous recovery.

In June our little cat Magical Mr. Mistoffelees (Misty or Toffee for short) became seriously ill very quickly. At first he just seemed to be very sleepy and not his usual self, but over 24 hours he rapidly deteriorated. We rushed him to the vets and found out that he had a trapped bladder stone that had made him unable to pass urine, and his bladder had swollen up. It needed unblocking and draining immediately, which the vet did right in front of us while we looked on in horror. We were told that his kidneys had started to fail, causing a build up of potassium. The vet explained that normally cat’s don’t survive when their potassium level is greater than eight units, and his was twelve. He told us to prepare for the worst. We were heartbroken and waited anxiously over the next 24 hours to see if he would pull through, but we didn’t have high hopes. But when we rang the next morning we were relieved to hear that he had made it through the night, and was doing okay. It felt like a miracle. He stayed at the vets a few days before we were finally able to bring him home. Now I am pleased to say he is back to his old mischievous self and living life to the full. He sure gave us a scare though! That’s another of his nine lives gone…

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