Christmas Decor 2012

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I thought I’d share with you out household decorations for this Christmas. I like quite traditional decorations so we usually go for a green tree with red and gold decorations and white lights. I also like plenty of berries, foliage, pine cones and gold glitter, as well as a few silly cartoonish things thrown in. We also go for an artificial tree as although look less lovely they are cheaper, easier to put up, reusable and less messy. Yes, I know, we’re lazy, tacky cheapskates. But it is Christmas.

What do you think?

This wreath was £3.00 in the sale at Homebase! I added the little red poinsettas.

I love this cute little deer. It was also £3.00 in the Homebase sale.
Cats always make such cute Christmas ornaments. And destroy them.

What are your decorations like this year? What colours and themes did you go for? Bought or homemade? Plastic or natural? Feel free to link to your own pictures, I’d love to see them!

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