Funfair Poem

Posted June 20, 2011 in Creative Writing / 4 Comments

I remember walking hand in hand,
Feeling light as air,
As if the balloons would lift me off
And I’d soar without a care.
I remember dancing on the twister,
Carried by the beat,
Lost in a dizzying whirl of colour
Ice-cream melting in the heat.

I remember the bear you won for me,
The bag of fudge we shared,
I remember the giddy rush and thrill
Of knowing how you cared.
I remember sweet and sticky lips,
Cotton candy kisses,
Trying our luck on those penny stalls,
So many near misses.

Our love was like a rollercoaster,
Ups and downs a trial.
But the thrill of all the highs
Made the lows worthwhile.
But now it feels an age ago
Since you and I were thereWhat happened to our love?
It isn’t fun, it isn’t fair.

                                ~ Written 3rd May 2011

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4 responses to “Funfair Poem

  1. Lol thanks but when I actually try to write poems without rhyme it just accidentally creeps in like I can't resist it. I really need to work on my non-rhyming poems.

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