A-Z Challenge: V is for Vulnerability

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Today I’m continuing with the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I’m doing an A-Z of human emotions, feelings and mental states and today is the letter V and so I’ve decided to writea poem with the subject of Vulnerability. Vulnerability is feeling that you are weak, defenseless, exposed and open to attack. Most of us feel mildly vulnerable at some times in our lives- when we are undermined by our confident colleagues in the boardroom, when we have to cross the road without a pedestrian crossing, when we’re wearing our swimming costume and it feels like everyone is staring. But some people have to live with feeling terribly vulnerable all the time. People who are bullied or abused feel worhtless, helpless and powerless against their attackers.

That’s the subject of my poem:

Little girl crouches behind the wall,
Tiny body curled into a ball,
Hugging her legs close to her chest,
She tries not to breathe, scared to rest.
They’ll notice the bruises tomorrow at school,
The other kids can be so cruel.
The teachers will pry into it all,
She’ll say she had another fall.

She used to think that things were fine,
That parents did this all the time,
Now she knows that something’s wrong,
But what can she do when they’re so strong?
She feels so helpless, small and meek,
If only she knew that they were weak,
That she had the power to break free
If she spoke out to someone like me.

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