A-Z Challenge: S is for Surprise

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Today I’m continuing with the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I’m doing an A-Z of human emotions, feelings and mental states and today is the letter S and I’m doing Surprise!

Not everyone likes surprises- some people like to be prepared for everything. I love surprises though, provided they’re nice ones of course! My partner is hopeless at surprises. He will do something really nice for me like booking a weekend away at a hotel or buying me an amazing present, but he can never manage to keep it a secret until the big day and usually ends up blurting it out randomly. Although once he did surprise me by turning up to my university to stay for a week when I was feeling low. As I like surprises I prefer not to know what I’m getting for my birthday and Christmas etc. It’s much more fun to open up the wrapping paper and see what you’ve got. I also love doing surprises for other people but I’m usually not very good at them because my expression always gives me away.

Here are some ideas for surprising people:

  • Book a holiday or weekend away without them knowing, then pack a bag with everything they’ll need, pick them up from work and whisk them away! Check that they don’t have plans first. though and be careful to pack lots of things for them-high maintenance women might not like it!
  • Book tickets to a gig, sports event or concert and hide them somewhere random (e.g.. in a biscuit tin) for them to find.
  • If you know they’re going to have a long day at work, turn up to their workplace at lunchtime and take them to dinner.
  • Plan a surprise party for their birthday and invite all their friends. This one takes a lot of organising-you need to sort the venue, food, music, decorations and invites out without them knowing and then get them there on false pretences, so it’s quite tricky.
  • Bake a cake or cook an unusual dinner ready for when they get home.
  • If you want to go for a big surprise, hire one of those huge cakes and get someone to pop out of it!
  • Breakfast in bed always works well.
  • On someone’s birthday, hide a big present somewhere (even at a different building) then leave a trail of clues for them to follow until they find it.

What have you done to surprise someone? Or has someone ever done a great surprise for you?

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  1. When my dad turned thirty, my mom threw him a surprise party. I got kicked out after the slideshow and the TV he got is starting to go out but it's a memory that taught me suspense and how to keep secrets.

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