A-Z Challenge: P is for Pride

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Today is the sixteenth day of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Just to remind you, I’m doing an A-Z of human emotions, feelings and mental states.Today is the letter P and I have chosen Pride.

Pride is a feeling of satisfaction that comes from your own achievements. We are accepting of people who are legitimately proud because they have worked hard to succeed, but we frown upon those whose pride is excessive. Those who hold too high an opinion of themselves appear vain, arrogant and attention-seeking. They say that pride comes before a fall and in some sense that’s true- we can be so busy basking in the glow of our success that we overlook a problem that might bring us crashing back down to earth. Excessive pride is one of the seven deadly sins. We are probably all guilty of it from time to time. But a moderate amount of pride in ourselves is healthy- it encourages us to behave in a manner that makes us seem successful and to take care with our appearance and manners.

The things I am proud of about myself are:

  • The way I keep calm in a crisis
  • How I can be strong for others and myself when bad things are happening
  • That I have learned to persevere with things that don’t come easily to me instead of giving up first time
  • That I have learned to be more self-sufficient and manage domestic tasks and cooking even though they don’t come naturally to me
  • That I stick to my morals and try not to do things I think are wrong even though I’m tempted
  • That I’ve been eating healthily and exercising a lot more recently
  • That I managed to get a 1st class honours degree in my favourite subject
  • That I won NaNoWriMo last year
  • That I keep practicing my creative skills like writing and art and can see an improvement
  • That I put my family and friends first
  • That I’m open minded and treat others with respect
  • That I’ve managed to be a vegetarian for over four years now
  • That my role in my relationship with M has changed from one of needing support and reassurance to one of being more independent and giving as much back to him as I take

What are you proud of?

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3 responses to “A-Z Challenge: P is for Pride

  1. I love the piece of artwork – it captures pride perfectly.

    I love your P post because it makes us stop and remind ourselves we have already achieved so much and we should be proud of it!

    Ellie Garratt

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