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Posted March 11, 2011 in Life Updates / 10 Comments

I’m taking part in a really fun blogfest today: The Bucket List Blogfest hosted by SwimWriteRun. The idea is to share the things you most want to do before you kick the bucket. I’m quite an ambitious person and I’m still pretty young, so there are tons of things I want to do before I die. But I tried to narrow it down to the top 20 things that are most important to me. So here goes.

My Bucket List
1) Have a family. I love kids and it was always part of the plan for me to have my own family one day, whether that means having my own children or adopting.
2) Marry my partner, soul-mate and best friend (they’re all the same person by the way) with all my closest family and friends present.
3) Get at least one novel or poetry anthology published.
4) Find my dream job where I have a free reign to be creative.
5) Reach a state of mind where I am truly happy about my body and content with myself as a person. Or at least pretty darn close.
6) Do something that really makes a difference to someone eg. inspire them to fulfil their dreams, support them through a momentous life change or save their life.
7) Go on Safari in Africa. (I am crazy about big cats, so this is a must!)
8) Learn to speak another language fluently.
9) Appear on TV (but hopefully for the right reasons).
10) Go on an exotic holiday.
11) Learn to play a musical instrument well.
12) Come to be at peace with my religious and spiritual beliefs (or lack of them).
13) Make a large donation to charity.
14) Have my portrait painted and see the beauty in it.
15) Run a marathon. I’m not remotely sporty in any way, but the challenge of a marathon appeals to me. My Dad used to run them and it would be nice to follow in his footsteps one day.
16) Bury a time capsule, draw a map and plant it somewhere where it can be found in the future.
17) Have ice-skating lessons. I can skate pretty well, but I would love to do all the turns and lifts they do on Dancing on Ice.
18) Design my own fragrance. I love perfumes and have never found my signature scent, so I would love to make my own.
19) Write my autobiography (and hopefully have enough interesting material to put in it).
20) Reach 100 years of age and get a telegram from the King or Queen.

How about you? What are you ambitions to do before you shuffle off this mortal coil?



10 responses to “The Bucket List Blogfest!

  1. I love your last one, I didn't know that's a thing that if you reach 100 royalty will send you a letter.

    excellent list.

  2. Mo

    You have an excellent list with some really interesting items! And you can totally do the marathon 🙂

    What would you put in your time capsule?

  3. Thanks guys.

    Erin- Yep, pretty cool isn't it? I believe you get a birthday card from the Queen every year from 100+.

    Teralyn-Wow, I love your name! *steals it for future story*. Yeah it would be fun to do a marathon for charity, you'd get an awesome sense of achievement from it.

    Mo-Yep, maybe one day I will give it a go. my time capsule I would put one of my old diaries so people in the future could read about what life was like for me. I'd also put in photographs of me and my friends, old cinema tickets, leaflets collected from places and events I visited, candy wrappers, maybe a DVD of myself describing life in 2011.

  4. Such a great list! I want to travel so badly, and it's been on so many of these bucket lists. I love me some big cats as well, and if you do a Namibia or Botswana safari, you'll likely see them (or they'll see you…).

    Make your own fragrance…Love this! Thanks for sharing!

    Marie at the Cheetah

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