Supernaturally Blurbed Contest

Posted February 23, 2011 in BOOKS / 6 Comments

Today I’m excited because I’m one of the thirteen finalists for Kiersten Write’s Supernaturally Blurbed Contest! That means if I’m lucky I might win a signed copy of her new novel,Supernaturally, coming August 30th 2011(loving the beautiful cover). There were loads of really hilarious entries that were so much fun to read. I’m voting for number one, what about you? Thank you for setting this contest up, Kiersten- it’s been great fun taking part and reading all the witty blurbs!

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6 responses to “Supernaturally Blurbed Contest

  1. Congrats on being in the top 13. I was too, but mine wasn't nearly as awesome as yours 🙂 And mine hasn't really been voted on, but that's cool. I liked your entries! Very clever 🙂

  2. Thanks Isabella- yes I've noticed we are usually on at the same times but it's probably totally different times of day for us because we're in different timezones.

    Michelle-I liked your entry, can just imagine him saying that! All of them were so good I don't know how Kiersten narrowed it down to 13.

    Christina- I know, it's stunning isn't it?

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