Wild Spirits Book Covers!

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This week I have a glorius holiday from work and I’m definately making the most of it. I actually plotted the YA paranormal fantasy that I’d been daydreaming about. Not only that, I did loads of research into African folklore, mythology and shamanism, fleshed out all of my characters a lot more and then I had a revelation. I realised that the story could not be told in one book and I decided to make it into a trilogy-the ‘Wild Spirits’ trilogy. I came up with working titles for each of the books: ‘Roar of the Blood’, ‘Roar of the Wild’ and ‘Roar of the Crowd’ and made a rough plot for the last two. Then I just couldn’t resist having a play with photoshop to see what kind of covers I could design.

Here’s what I came up with. Of course my titles are liable to change and I doubt I will use the book cover designs but they are so fun to make and really inspiring, so if you know the basics of photoshop why not give it a go?

[© Anstice Potts, 08/02/2011]
[© Anstice Potts, 08/02/2011]

[© Anstice Potts, 08/02/2011]

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