The Passing

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There was once a time
When you wore your waves
Of shimmering silk
Like straw spun into gold,
When you kissed with velvet lips,
Embraced your love with
Soft and supple arms,
Enchanted all with eyes
that shone like orbs of glass.
But winter came to pass.
Time, jealous of your vitality
Comes like a thief in the night
To snatch back the gifts
That once he gave willingly,
With gnarled and twisted claws.
The eyes that once enchanted
Fade like frosted pools,
Your rosy apple cheeks
Are hollowed to the core.
With a shudder you feel him pass.
He bleaches golden locks
With dust from ancient bones,
Bends your supple fingers
Into tangled twigs
That snap when the cold sets in.
He carves deep grooves
In the grains of your face,
Sucks the crimson life-force
From your withered lips.
Soon you too will pass.

~Written 06/12/10

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