NaNoWriMo’s done, what next?

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So at the moment I’m enjoying the afterglow of NaNoWrimo. I’m not touching my novel at all during December to give me a much needed mental break and then hopefully I’ll return to it in January with fresh insight. I don’t know whether what I’ve written is worthy of publication at this stage, but I think I can take a few good ideas from it anyway.

But I don’t plan on just sitting idle throughout December, oh no. I have a dozen creative projects I am bursting to try such as the sorted books project,  a philosophy guidebook, a community creative partnership program with a local secondary school, some Harry Potter fan fic and a music video project. I’ve also had some orders for Christmas themed soap, so plenty of time will be spent getting messy with soap making (stay tuned for piccies). But the main thing I’d like to concentrate on is my poetry. I have some ideas for arranging my poems into themed anthologies. I’m planning on doing one anthology of nature/animal/spiritual poems with four sections: Earth, Air, Wind and Fire. I also have another idea for an anthology about people that travels through the whole life cycle and is also in four sections: Spring (childhood), Summer (teenage to working adult stage), Autumn (middle-age) and Winter (retirement). It might be a cheesy idea but for now that’s how I’d like to organise my poetry unless I get any better ideas.  

Anyway, right now I am enjoying the snow that has lasted over a week here (although not enjoying the cold so much). It makes everything look so pretty and I’m sure it will inspire a lot of winter themed poems soon. It makes me feel so Christmassy!



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