NaNoWrimo: Day 22

Posted November 22, 2010 in Creative Writing / 0 Comments

Wow. Today so far I have written over 7000 words. I can’t believe it, it’s the most I’ve ever written in one go. I only hope I can keep it up now and reach that finish line. I have 16318 words to go and 8 days left to do it in.

Out of that I’m working for 3 full days and 2 half days, so basically I only have 4 days where I can get some proper writing done, unless I manage to get lots done in the evening, which is unlikely. But I am determined to reach my goal. I’ve come so far already, and it’s not over until the fat lady sings!

The other good thing about today’s session was that I’ve now named all sixteen chapters and written a summary for all the scenes that I still need to write, so now instead of facing a blank page tomorrow I will know exactly what I’m supposed to be writing. I’m feeling a lot more confident about my plot now.



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