NaNoWriMo: Day 7

Posted November 7, 2010 in Creative Writing / 0 Comments

Okay, I realise I skipped out days 4, 5 and 6 but I was a little bogged down with ork and social life so I couldn’t get on. On day four I got to about 9500 words, so I was about a day and a half ahead of target but I didn’t have time to come on here and update it. Then on day five I was working until 6:30pm then at a neighbour’s firework display from 7pm-12am, so unfortunately I didn’t get any writing done.

Yesturday I was at a friend’s wedding from 10:30 am to about 4 or 5 pm, and I was so exhausted that I just went to bed and watched dvds for the whole evening. Not good. It’s always bad for me when I fall off the bandwagon.
As my partner pointed out to me yesterday, I’m the kind of person who throws herself into a new project with over-enthusiasm and passion. I will put all my energy into it, sometimes thinking and talking about it obsessively and ignoring all other areas of life. But then if something goes wrong and I break my perfect record, it usually just makes me want to give up and start again. I’m the kind of person who would have to throw away a school exercise book if I made a mistake on the first page. Really not good. So it has been a challenge forcing myself to get back in the saddle and write something today, but I have managed to get back on track. It’s now half past midnight and I have 12152 words. I only needed to get 11662 to be on target again, so I’m in a comfortable position once more. I’m going to go and get some well earned rest now!



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