Androgynous Poem

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I miss my blonde crop and my dungarees,
My baseball cap and grazed knees,
When I wore whatever I could find
And if I got messy I didn’t mind.
When my body was a vehicle for my soul
And I thought and moved as one whole
And I leapt and danced and played with ease,
Building dens and climbing trees.
And then the alien curves invaded
And I felt like my body was being paraded
And everyone seemed to be staring at me
I wanted to hide my indecency.
I started to notice my own reflection,
I started to worry about my complexion,
I started to dress in a feminine way
And my urge to climb trees dissolved away.
Since then I’ve developed a woman’s mind
To match the body I was surprised to find
And these curves are now a part of me
An extension of my mentality
Though sometimes I wish I could regress
To the age when I was genderless,
I embrace this soft and fluid form-
This is the real me, this is the norm.

~Written 17/08/10

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