Character Planning for NaNoWriMo 2010

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I’ve been doing a lot of planning for NaNoWriMo over the past week, and have put together some basic character sketches. Here they are:

Millicent Taylor (Millie)-middle aged housewife and mother who gave up all her dream of becoming an actress for the sake of her family. She is maternal and caring, but life has passed her by. She plays a maternal role in the group-sorting out the food, bedding etc. and trying to keep the place clean. She also knows a bit of first aid. Her motivation for entering was to do something for herself for a change, something exciting.

Dr. Helena Frost-young, ambitious psychologist who is sometimes a bit cold. She puts her work above everything so her relationships always fall apart. She has a heart deep down though, which only the right person will be able to find. In the group she becomes their counsellor and her knowledge of psychology proves useful when bargaining with their captor. Her motivation for entering was for the psychological interest-she is writing a book about social interactions.

Shuang Lei Ling-a beautiful, young Chinese woman who rebelled against her traditional upbringing and rejected her father’s offer to join the family business. Instead she cut her hair short and got a job as INSERT MACHO JOB HERE, much to their disapproval as they don’t think this is the kind of work a woman should do. She is a tomboy who dresses in leather, rides a motorbike and has A LOT of attitude. She is a rebel and doesn’t usually contribute positively towards the group as she’s ususally looking after number one. But she is a great fighter and so could prove handy. Her motivation for entering is for the challenge and the potential winnings.

Candice Woods (Candy Starr)-a glamour girl who goes by the name of Candy Starr. Although she thinks she is gorgeous, in reality underneath all the makeup, fake tan, false nails and hair extensions she is as plain as museli. She is pretty dim and ignorant, and has few morals. All she cares about is fame and money, and she doesn’t care how low she has to stoop to get it. In the group she doesn’t really conribute anything, she just takes what others work hard to get. Her motivation for entering is to become famous.

Isla Mae Summers– Isla is a young student. She is a romantic person and a daydreamer, and her head is always stuck in a book. After the death of her mother, when she was just a girl, she started to imagine and write stories to make her feel better. She is a very innocent person, but sadly as she spends most of her time in a fantasy land she finds it difficult to cope with reality. In The Hole, Nate is her closest friend. Her role in the group is often the mediator. Her calming nature helps sort out conflicts, her spirit gives people hope and her imagination proves handy in getting through tasks. Her motivation for entering is not clear. She was intrigued by the idea and wanted to prove something to herself.

Nathan Black (Nate)-a geeky student. Nate is highly intelligent. He is a computer programmer who knows a lot about all the sciences and enjoys playing online roleplaying games. Alongside Dr.Frost he is the brains of the group, and they often rely on him to work their way out of situations. He is socially awkward, but there is a lot more to him than meets the eye which I couldn’t possibly reveal here!

Michael Fox (Mike)- a middle aged family man. He has recently divorced from his wife because she found him boring and wanted some excitement in her life. But he is still in love with her and wants her back desperately, even though she has moved on with a new man. He has three children-Tori (15), Zack (12) and Maddison (9), who he loves dearly and would do anything for. He is in deep financial difficulties at the moment, as he has just been made redundant and the only thing he has left to lose are his children. He is a useful member of the group because he often acts like a father towards the younger members and is a good and honest person. This does sometimes mean that he can be taken advantage of. His motivation for entering is to get the prize money to pay off his loan sharks and prove to his ex wife that he is not a waste of space.

UNNAMED-a 60 year old retired military man, who had to retire after a injury to his spinal cord left him in a wheelchair. He is a very brave and clever man but with a tendency towards bitterness and sterness towards others. He has short grey hair and a bristly moustache. His motivation for entering The Hole is the personal challenge. He wants to prove to himself that he can still endure difficult challenges. He assumes the role of leader in the group and commands a lot of respect.

Finn Fletcher-an athletic guy who plays football for a minor league team. He is a lads lad with a love of girls, booze, sport and fast cars. He’s not the brightest spark and is prone to macho outbursts of anger. Him and Candy hit it off straight away. He can sometimes be a bit selfish, but he is on whole a better contributor to the group than Candy. He is strong and muscular so he is an asset when braun is required over brains. His motivation for entering was the fame, attention and prize money.

Harvey SOMETHING-a black dude with an affro and a cool attitude. He is a little on the large side, but doesn’t mind ’cause the chicks dig it. His job is to pimp up bikes, motorcycles and cars with flashy designs. He is a laid back guy and plays the role of comedian in the group. He loves music, is a ladies man and cheers everybody up with his sense of humour and constant singing. His most prized possession is his guitar, which he named Hendrix. His motivation for entering is to attract more girls and generally have a good time. The money wouldn’t hurt either as he could use it for his business.



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