My Debut Post

Posted March 6, 2009 in Life Updates / 0 Comments

You know how sometimes a word or object suddenly seems to crop up all over the place? You see it on the TV, and on the same day it occurs in a book you are reading or someone makes an obscure reference to it in conversation. Well lately “blogging” seems to be everywhere. I read an article about it in my beloved “Psychologies” magazine which discussed our fundamental need to express ourselves and reach out to others by posting updates on our daily lives which range from the completely dull and uninteresting to the deeply private and personal. 

The night after reading this article I had a dream that I had a very influential blog. The next day I flicked on the TV to see a programme about blogging, and then someone mentioned to me that they had a blog over the phone, and then earlier today I noticed a friend had created a new blog. So I figured maybe I should take the hint and make my own. After all, I never have enough time to write in my diary these days and keeping an online journal will be much more convenient.
I’m sure my early posts will be very crude and self-absorbed, but hopefully as I progress I will post some creative writing and talk about deep, philosophical issues. Well, we’ll see.



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